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Our diverse spectrum of services 

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Com. Consulting

Commercial Advisory Services


  • Coal Mining sector

  • Private Upmarket Residential buildings

  • Government Hospital infrastructure

  • Game Farms Developments 

  • Abattoir Facilities 

  • Crop Agriculture and Spatial Planning Facilities

  • Engineering, Oil and Energy Infrastructure

Des. Consulting

Design and Draughting Services

  • Upmarket residential buildings and infrastructure

  • Midmarket residential projects

  • Cluster estate residential new appraisal, alterations, and or as-built drawings

  • Municipal approvals, rural and urban areas

  • Engineering( Civil and Structural) detailing and material specification

  • Municipal approvals, rural and urban areas


Com. Construction

Commercial Construction Service Sectors

  • Malls( Trade-Specific Contracting)

  • Shopping complexes( Main and Trade-Specific Contracting)

  • Retail outlets( Trade-Specific Contracting)

  • Lodging facilities( Main Contracting)

Res. Construction

Residential Construction Service Sectors​​

  • Lodging Facilities( Main Contracting)

  • Home Improvements( Main Contracting)

  • New Upmarket, urban, and rural developments( Main and Trade-Specific Contracting)

  • New midmarket, urban and rural developments( Main Contracting)

  • New and existing cluster accommodation developments( Trade-Specific Contracting)

Modern House
Construction Workers

Unco. Construction

Unconventional Construction Service Sectors​​

  • Game breeders facilities eg; abattoirs, cold rooms, lodging facilities ( Main and Trade-Specific Contracting)

  • Warehousing and storage facilities( Main and Trade-Specific Contracting)

  • Cluster Residential Farm Compounds and Spatial Planning( Main  Contracting)

Multi. Disciplinary 

 Design and Build Procument Service Sectors

  • Residential Developments

  • Retail Spaces and Infrastructure

  • Unconventional /Unorthodox Projects

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